Tryouts for the TORNADOES FC Click Here to Register At Indoor Soccer & Sports Owasso Date November 4th, 7pm to 9pm Cost $25 Pre-Register 0nline Cost $40 Registration at the Door Participants who make the pick will be invited back on Sat Nov 11th 7pm. Turf shoes, Indoor Shoes or Sneakers only. NO...

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Tornadoes FC scored two wins last weekend in Kansas

Tornadoes FC Scored 2 Wins Last Weekend in Kansas The Tornadoes traveled back to Soccer Nation in KC to take on 3 more opponents in the PASL Regional Tournament. Tornadoes Won their first game against Omaha FC with goals Led by NickĀ  3 , Oscar Rivadavia 2 and goals from both Jose Alejandro and Ivan Cortez. Reynaldo Andrade would have one assist. In game two against Real KC the Tornadoes would strike first and never look back. A pair of goals from both Oscar Rivadavia and Rookie Ivan Cortez with Nic, Jose Alejandro, and Oscar Perez would all contribute...

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