Tornadoes FC Scored 2 Wins Last Weekend in Kansas

The Tornadoes traveled back to Soccer Nation in KC to take on 3 more opponents in the PASL Regional Tournament.

Tornadoes Won their first game against Omaha FC with goals Led by Nick  3 , Oscar Rivadavia 2 and goals from both Jose Alejandro and Ivan Cortez. Reynaldo Andrade would have one assist.

In game two against Real KC the Tornadoes would strike first and never look back. A pair of goals from both Oscar Rivadavia and Rookie Ivan Cortez with Nic, Jose Alejandro, and Oscar Perez would all contribute with a goal each. Rookie Jason Berio would have 2 assist.

In the final game the Tornadoes would fall to the Quinto Elemento, AKA Missouri Comets 5 to 8.

Oscar Rivadavia would lead the team with 3 goals and Nick would add 2 more before time expired. Jorge Perez would get 2 assists and Bryant Scrapper would get 1.

“The guys fought back nicely they only needed another 10 min” commented  Co-Owner Carmelo Scalone. “We appreciated the invite and  hospitality that Owner Raul Villegas from Soccer Nation provided the Tornadoes and look forward to coming back for many more games”.

Team Barilleros FC will be coming to Tulsa to play a Re-match game that the Tornadoes are looking for some pay back. These two teams will be in the PASL this winter and most likely be rival opponents.

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7 – 3 against Omaha FC
7 – 2 against Real KC
5 – 8 against Quinto Elemento


Tornadoes FC