Tornadoes FC falls 5 to 4 in an epic game against Barilleros FC. Tornadoes led Barilleros 3 to 1 at half. Barilleros took back the lead at the end of of the 3rd Period 5 to 3. With mins left in the 4th period Tornadoes fought back to within one, 5 to 4.  With 55 secs left and a power play for Tornadoes, The Barilleros defense held off the attack of the Tornadoes and won the match 5 To 4. On Behalf of the Tornadoes, RC Sports, and Indoor Soccer & Sports Owasso, we would like to thank Soccer Nation and The Barilleros for hosting this tournament and all the Tornadoes fans that attended. The Tournament will continue next weekend in KC at Soccer Nation. Stay tuned on our Facebook page and Website. Thank you t