Saturday night would prove to be yet another tough start for the Tornadoes. The Demize would score in the first 30 seconds of the game. Demize would score 4 more goals before the Tornadoes would get their first goal of the night, just before the end of the first period. Demize would score two more goals in the second period and the Tornadoes would also score one before the end of the first half. The Score at halftime would be Tornadoes 2 Demize 7. The Tornadoes would out score the Demize in the 3rd period 3 to 1, making the score 5 to 8 Demize. Tornadoes would rally back and put two more balls in the net making the game the closets of the night 7 to 8. The Demize would then score on a quick counter, catching the Tornordoes in a 3 versas 1 situation that left Goalie Richard Nolasco with no support to defend the attack. The Tornadoes would score one last goal bringing the score to 8 to 9 on the night. Goals scored for the Tornadoes would come from Oscar Pando who had three on the night and leading scorer, Rookie Andrew De La Paz would score a deuce, and Bryant Scrapper, Jordan Tatum and Oscar Rivadavia would all score one a piece. Co Owner Julio Rodriquez commented, ” The guys played hard in the second half and just needed a few more minutes to win”. Tornadoes want to thank all the family and friends that traveled to Springfield with the team and cheered them on. Tornadoes take on the Omaha City FC this Saturday night Feb 11th @ 7pm at their home facility at Indoor Soccer & Sports Owasso. Tornadoes would also like to thank their sponsors RC Sports, Que Bueno, Bellanova, and Indoor Soccer & Sports Owasso.